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Magical Shoe Design Trinket Box (Clearance)

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These magical shoe design trinket boxes will make all your fairy tale dreams come true. Every little girl dreams of a time when she will feel like Cinderella - swept off her feet by an absolutely magical day! So for a Cinderella-like day this shoe favour is the perfect fit. It’s packed with “Happily Ever After” appeal and sure to make a storybook-worthy addition to your event. Exceptional as Bridal Party Favours.

Trinket box measures 57 x 57mm and is made of poly resin with a white pearlised finish, the two-piece round box has a removable cover that opens up to the trinket-holder inside. The top features a dramatically designed high heel shoe charm - with elegant styling including a rhinestone accented bow - surrounded by a series of raised pearl accents. The sides of the base are exquisitely detailed with carved swirl designs and pearl strand wrapped borders.

Packaged in a white box wrapped with a white satin bow with a matching Design “For You” tag attached.