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Toast-Worthy Champagne Flute Candle Favours (Clearance)

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Say cheers and get big cheers with these toast-worthy champagne flute candle Bombonieres. The toast to the newly married couple is a landmark moment in a landmark day. It’s filled with emotions, laughter, tears and sentiment that is sure to be memorable. So why not send your guests home with this elegant champagne flute candle favour. It’s guaranteed to bring memories of that heartfelt toast flowing back to your family and friends every time they light the flame. 

An extravagantly decorated champagne flute with the base crafted from durable pearlised white poly resin, supporting a clear glass holder top with a poured white candle inside. The outstanding design of the base features carved details on the stem, leading to a dramatic three dimensional abstract sunburst design at the base of the glass, accented with rhinestones and pearls.

Each one measures 102 x 32mm and is elegantly packaged standing upright in a clear display box, tied with a white organza bow and a matching design “For You” tag attached.